"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." ~Marcel Proust

13 octubre 2011


On the road again....well this was 2 weekends ago. After being awake all night riding my adrenaline rush from the car accident,  I headed out the door early Saturday morning (Oct. 1) and met the rest of our group to get on a bus. We drove a few hours north to Dolores Hidalgo and got to see the town and the church where Hidalgo gave the first "grito" in 1810. Remember all the celebrations for Independence Day? Props to this guy...the same speech he gave over 200 years ago is given all over Mexico on the night of November 15th. We moved on after a short while and headed out to San Miguel de Allende (about an hour away). Of course we encountered some giant festival and battled thousands of people (and horses) to navigate the town. I didn't like this town very much because it actually consists of about 50% gringos.....lots of old, white, retired people. I mean come on....I came to Mexico for a reason. We saw the mercado and all the artesania they have to offer. We ate a delicious buffet style meal and afterwards got to see the Voladores!
Yet another festival. Hundreds of horses. Notice the castillo too!

Riding the funicular. FUNicular
Over two hours on the road again and we arrived in Guanajuato. Quite possibly one of the coolest cities I have been to. This is a university/miner town and the main streets of the city are all tunnels/underground! We stayed at a beautiful hotel and enjoyed our first overnight excursion. The next day consisted of a tour of the city, a museum, churches, and a ride up the funicular! The Funicular is the little cable car took us up to a great overlook of the city and we spent a bit of our afternoon just taking in the beautiful view of the brightly colored city. The movie El Estudiante was filmed here and it was cool to see the city since we had watched the movie for a school project...highly recommend it! El Callejón del Beso is also in the movie....a very tiny, famous street in Guanajuato. Best to be there with your significant other....woops.


Jake, Matt, y Yo
On our way home we stopped to visit one of the mines. We were given a bit of the history of the mines in Guanajuato and then got to go down part of the way into the San Ramon mine. Hard hats and all! Tired and sore, but somehow feeling rested, I arrived at home and quickly launched into another week.  (Of course there are more pics here!)

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