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06 diciembre 2011

Día de Gracias

Now I could have said "Thanksgiving." But that would have been boring. So here is the story...

We did not get to celebrate thanksgiving on Thursday as usual because we are in Mexico and it is not celebrated. Therefore, we had classes that day. However, we did get to celebrate it on Friday. We were planning a get together with the group to celebrate and all of our professors were invited to join in on the gringo celebration. We each were assigned a dish and the plan was to have traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Dr. Montgomery's house. fun is that?

Earlier that morning, Jack and Matt had gotten a hold of me and told me they wanted to bring a surprise to the party. Matt solicited by help in this matter and I went to work in the morning. I googled "Mariachis in Querétaro." Found a number, dialed, and had one of the greatest phone conversations in Mexico. The plans were made and I could not wait.

That afternoon, the party was underway and I looked at my phone. The time came to slip outside and greet our surprise.  I saw a van coming down the street. I knew it was them. They piled out of the van, all half drunk, but very much ready to play.
I explained the situation in Spanish to the head guy...

"Here is the deal. Inside, we have a bunch of gringos celebrating a gringo holiday. BUT we are still in Mexico, and my friends and I wanted to bring a very mexican aspect to the party. This is where you guys come in....hit them with the traditional songs!"

The tuned up in the street, began playing, and marched in through the house. Best decision by far!

 Yes there was turkey

But we also had MARIACHIS....great success and a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving mexican style!

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