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20 agosto 2011

¡Una Semana!

My beautiful home
I am all settled in and have officially been in Mexico for one week! At this time last Friday I met my Señora and was taken to the place that I will call home for the next 4 months.  I live in an area called the Arboledas, which is pretty far north of the main part of the city. My house is located at the bottom of a big hill but very close to mi puente verde (my green bridge that I walk across almost every day to walk in to town!)
Mi puente verde (looking towards my house)

My Bedroom!
My Señora, Patricia (host mom) is absolutely wonderful. She is so loving, funny, and energetic. Of course my name is pronounced with a soft "J" here so it naturally becomes "Yordan".....but I hardly hear that. My Señora only addresses me as, hijo (son), mijo, cielo (heaven) or corazon (heart). Her son Ricardo (mi hermano!) is 24 and lives at home. Each day we have Comida (the main meal of the day around 2:30pm) and my tia and hermana (aunt and sister) come over as well! Mexican food FTW. That's all I need to say : )

I am now a student of UAQ Lenguas y Letras and love all of my classes and profesoras. I am taking mexican lit, communication, mexican hist, engaging culture, mexican art, and latin dance. The bus gets me  to the University (a story in itself) for lit and comm classes most mornings, and I walk to a language school for my other classes in the late afternoon/evening. Only one class Thursdays and one class Fridays.....this is indeed the good life.

This is just a brief overview of the first week and I can't wait to share more. Plans for this weekend: day trip to Peña de Bernal (a huge monolith!), soccer game, and a 10K race (La Carrera por La Paz or "The Race for Peace" ....My brother Ricardo is organizing this huge event! Check it out!) 

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  1. Your room is huge. And you have a TV. And you have a cool panda-looking pillow.

  2. That "cool panda-looking pillow" reminds me daily of my friend Shanan (roommate from last year) Even though he is abroad studying in Europe we are close at heart!