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29 septiembre 2011

¡Nos matamos en la avalancha, cuando GALLOS hace un gol!

After spending the first part of the day at the festival in Boye,  I found myself in Estadio La Corregidora among the rowdy cheering section of fans at the Gallos game. Though everyone in our group ended up at this game, I made the excellent decision of agreeing to go with my friend Pedro (Locals know what's up!). He took us to field level, among the rowdiest of fans in the "cheering section", and quickly taught us some of the cheers. The title of this post is just a tiny part of one of many of the cheers. I realized I was happily singing along, "Nos matamos en la avalancha, cuando Gallos hace un gol!" Now sometimes I don't trust my Español but this time I was pretty sure of what this translated to.....Something along the lines of: We kill ourselves in an avalanche when the Gallos score a goal. Just as I was thinking about this my friend Pedro turns to me and says:

"When the Gallos score a goal, run as fast as you can to the very front, jump up on to the chain link fence, and hold on."

He went on to explain that the fans will, in fact, make an avalanche and the best place to be is at the very front hanging on the chain link fence. This is the trick to staying alive! His reasoning: #1- If you get to the front first you have survived the worst of it. Getting to the front means you don't get thrown to the ground and trampled. #2- Hanging on the chain link fence is the best option because the incredible force of the crowd pushing behind you is absorbed in the sway of the chain link fence. The fun does not stop there! Articles of clothing, beer cups anywhere from empty to full, smoke bombs, trash, and who knows what else rain down from the upper decks for a solid 45 seconds.

So after not only one, but TWO goals for the Gallos, I was drenched in beer. With plenty of fist pumping and jumping, we cheered the Gallos on to a 2-1 victory over Monterrey. I don't know if I have ever had that much fun at a sporting event before. We were on our feet the WHOLE game, cheering the WHOLE game, and enjoying absolutely every minute of it.

Pedro, Yo, y Jake a the game. Jake y yo might be the only people without jerseys....woops!

We ordered pizza at a friend's house and hung out with our Mexican friends for the rest of the night. All in a hard day's work : )

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