"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." ~Marcel Proust

29 septiembre 2011

Torros y Tequisquiapan

(A little late but still more from the events of last weekend)

On the morning of Independence Day (16 de Septiembre) I had breakfast with my fam and then spent the morning watching the giant military parade that takes place in D.F. After relaxing at home for a while, I headed out with others from our group to go to the Corrida de Torros! A bullfight! To put it simply....3 Matadors, shiny costumes, 6 bulls, live music, in a big arena with people shouting "¡Ole!" By the end of the night we had watched 6 bulls die. (Lots of blood and definitely not for the faint of heart) However, what I experienced was so much more than that. The Matador moves as gracefully as a dancer around the charging bull, cues the music for dramatic effect, and seems completely calm as he stands just feet away from what could be certain death. 

One of the best moments by far was during the last bull of the night. A person from the crowd threw their hat into the ring and it fell just feet from where both the bull and the Matador were standing. The Matador picked up the hat on the end of his sword, placed it on the bulls head, and walked away with the most arrogant strut I have ever seen. The crowd went wild. 

We went out for tacos after with friends and definitely piled 11 people into a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We are getting real good at fitting people in cars!

The next day was our planned, one-day trip to a city called Tequisquiapan about 45 minutes away. We got to see the city, went to a Cestería Museum (like basket weaving...they are famous for this), ate at a great restaurant (I had lengua! Yes...that means tounge) and then went to this giant swimming pool with a big slide to enjoy the rest of our afternoon. The time came to go home and I found myself waving goodbye to the rest of our group that was returning home in our private transportation. I decided to stay the night at the very last minute with a few friends to go wine tasting the next morning. (This city is also famous for their vineyards and wine!) We got a ride from our new friend Pedro and fit 8 people in his small 2 door car that seats 4 total! One of the girls in our group had already been with her family on vacation in this city and offered to let us stay at their house.....Score! They gave us a little guest room that the mom uses as her massage room, the "Cuarto de Masajes" and we thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality and beautiful home next to a lake!  The next morning we ate breakfast and headed out to the Freixenet vineyard. After a very informative tour and a trip down to the cellar, we got to try some of their vino espumoso (champagne!). We had way too much fun staying behind in Tequis..... I have learned to always take the spontaneous route and deviate from the original plan because it always turns out to be a great success!
In the cellar. Over 450,000 bottles of vino espumoso!

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