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10 septiembre 2011

¿Semestre de otoño?.....¡Nada que ver!

For all you gringos: Fall semester? What Fall semester? That would be the message I am trying to get across here. With the amount of fiesta-ing that has been going on around here I hardly feel like I am a student. Despite still being sick, last week was excellent. Since I posted last there have been many adventures, fiestas, happenings etc... Check this:

"School" in the recent past has included a trip to the Regional Museum with our history class, a field trip to the only pyramid in Querétaro, El Pueblito, (Erected sometime before 1000AD and discovered less than 20 years ago!), mask making for our art class....and not to mention dance class is really starting to spice things up! Lastly, we had a random party with our "Facultad" from the university at one of the other campuses on Friday....Party! Simply for the sake of partying. See pics below!

In the museum, painted ceramic tiles
The pyramid
Dancing...this day in the rain!
"I bet you never thought you'd have a professor rubbing something all over your face"...hahaha

Let us not forget this gem. Megann and I living the Mexican life : )

Since life is so rough in "school" there is plenty of extra-curricular fun. Last weekend there was a fiesta at my house. I forgot that when my Señora said "Some of my family might come over this weekend" that actually meant a big party was going down with over 15 relatives! And now for a look into Mexican culture....One of the men at the party was sitting, drinking beer, and talking with relatives. Somebody brought up the fact that his hair was getting pretty long. Not five minutes later he was out the door. Somebody asked "Where did (Can't remember his name) go?" Another nonchalantly replied, "He went to get his hair cut!" 45 minutes later he was back, looking sharp, and picked up his beer where he left off. We sat around and talked for easily 2 hours waiting for the last of the relatives to show up before we ate. Only in Mexico!
Biggest dish of Paella
The next day we were invited to an ex-Westmont professor's house. They had us over for Paella. Delicious. I met her son, Rafael, and was stoked to find we have a lot in common. He attended DP High School while he lived in Santa Barbara for a few years and we have many mutual friends! He is studying music so we are planning on jamming any day soon.
Speaking of music, I got to play the drums this week! Walking down a street in the Centro after school Wednesday night, Matt and I noticed a sign outside the Irish pub that read "Open Jam." After watching almost an hour of great Jazz music in a plaza downtown, we made our way back to the pub. The short version: Matt and I got to play about a 7 minute funk jam with some Mexicans at 1am on a school night. The long story, beautifully and eloquently depicted, can be found on my good friend Matt's blog.
And here we are at yet another weekend. Last night a group of us went out with Rafael and his significant other, Alejandra, and had a great time. One bar with Rafael and Ale, another bar for a birthday party for one of the Oregon students, and one more bar after that, where we ended up hanging with a group of Mexicans having a birthday party! Too much fun. Ale has invited us over to her house tonight to hang out and play some pool....y entonces....¡ya me voy! Adios : )

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  1. OH heeyyy, just me again. Continue on with the incessant Mexican partying and 1am jam sessions. The life of Jordan Bleecker seems to be a good life indeed.

  2. Glad to hear you are having an exciting time in Mexico! You are soaking in the culture and adjusting well to the lifestyle there. We miss you!